We use our gas stove almost every day to cook our food. With our busy life and all the distractions that surround us we seldom cannot remember if we turned our stove off and by this time we may be already at another place. To stop worrying about this here we described how you can check on your stove’s ON/OFF status in your mobile smart phone and get notification when your stove is running.
This book provides a detailed description of all the materials required their prices where to buy them and step by step instructions on how to configure and install the system. We think smart home enthusiasts will find this book very useful. At present the system is designed to operate with Samsung Smarthings hub.
If you own a Sumsung Smartthings hub the cost of materials is about $50. Otherwise your total materials cost will be about $150 the hub costs about $100.
Requires Samsung Smartthings hub.
Simple installation and configuration.
Up to 4 smart phones can be setup for notifications.

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